San Savino Linking Festival: photos and moments

Musica con il T-rap contest, sport, tra basket e cricket. E poi tatuaggi all’hennè, scacchi, poesia, arte e immancabile "il grande abbraccio". Ecco come si è svolta la quarta edizione della manifestazione jesina

San Savino Linking Festivala a Jesi
San Savino Linking Festivala a Jesi

JESI – This year’s edition of San Savino Linking Festival was one of the most successful so far. There were activities and workshops for all tastes and ages: basketball, dance, games in English, chess, henne tattoos and Arabian handwriting, just to mention a few. The traditions of the festival were also honoured: the participants formed the Biggest Hug in le Marche, which takes place every year and consists in all the people forming a circle around the piazza while holding hands. This tradition is meant as a gesture of peace and inclusion.

Later on, Maria Pia Boria, the centenary lady who lent her hands for the “Hand” monument, came down the piazza greeting everyone with coloured balloons. The piazza itself was also decorated by the students of the Liceo Artistico “Mannucci” with colourful figures, which represent people from all over the world finally finding peace and shelter in a multicultural society.

The bodyflight show, performed by the athletes of Ackapawa, were breath-taking and kept everyone’s eyes on the sky, whereas the T-rap contest, organised by Astralmusic, was also very successful and attracted many young enthusiasts. The special guest of the evening, the rapper Mudimbi, proved once again to be a promising artist who chooses to stay humble. He advised the emergent rappers to focus on their creativity without trying to emulate other artists and told the audience a bit about himself.

The poetess Maria Teresa and her friend Amadù opened the contest with the story of their meeting and his background as an immigrant. The moment culminated with her poetry “Emigrazione”, a reflection on the trauma and the hardships of being an immigrant.


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