New Year’s Resolutions: tips for success

Un nuovo anno è appena iniziato: hai già abbandonato i buoni propositi per il 2019 o ci stai lavorando? I trucchi per trasformare i buoni propositi in progetti e risultati sono semplici: scoprili in questo articolo in inglese!

Another year has arrived and we all have at least one achievement we dream of accomplishing by December 2019. Have you abandoned all hope already?
I hope not: here you can find the most typical New Year’s resolutions and some practical tips to turn your wish into a plan!

The gym
Panettone, torrone, vicisgrassi, baccalà: in Italy it’s difficult not to gain weight, especially during festivities. We all sat there at the Christmas table, a slice of panettone in one hand and a piece of torrone in the other, swearing to take up gym to whatever god would listen. We go to the gym and lose 1 kilo, just in time for Carnival.
Tips: Seeing results from working out is a long-term process, so don’t start at all if you really aren’t motivated or you reckon that you actually don’t have time to exercise regularly. If this is not your case, your gym can give you advice about your exercise path, but remember: it’s better to start off slowly and see how you can keep up, than sign up for a whole package of courses which you only attend a couple of times. Value your money 🙂

The diet
This is the gym’s best friend. After the Christmas festivities, many people take up a diet so strict that it would make a Tibetan monk cringe in sympathy. Such diet doesn’t last long, as people soon become too hungry, and, well, temptation is round the corner.
Tips: It would be advisable to consult a nutritionist for your diet, especially if you need to lose a lot of weight. The specialist will make sure that you achieve your objective without doing any damage to your body or having you starve. If your weight is more or less average, you can simply reduce the amount of fatty and pre-prepared foods. Take advantage of the winter to consume vegetables rich in water such as spinach and broccoli.

The career change
What better watermark than a new year to leave an unsatisfying job and go off to better shores?
Tips: Make a list of all the things that you like and don’t like of your current job. If the things you like are more numerous, you might want to keep your job, after all. If this isn’t the case, and you have found the career of your dreams, remember: you only have one opportunity to make a good impression. Before applying for a job, research carefully the company and tailor your CV and presentation letter accordingly. Sending your CV to different companies in CCN is absolutely forbidden. Before you do any of that, however, check out your social media profiles: you might want to delete all evidence of you being a party animal or anything you don’t want a HR employee to see (forgive the rhyme).

Learn a language
Whether you want to go live abroad or book a holiday in a far-off destination, or simply for your personal education, you decided that this 2019 you will be improving a new language, typically English.
Tips: Forget the apps. It’s not that they don’t work or aren’t well made, it’s that it takes a huge amount of motivation to learn though them, and, in any case, they don’t provide enough speaking practice. As for the gym, seeing the result of you studying a language requires time and regular practice. The first step it to assess your current level and your needs: in the best language school you can have this done for free by a professional. After that, you will get a proposal for your course: make sure that lessons with a qualified teacher are the base of the course, opposed to online platforms and other tools that don’t require interaction. The course should have clear objectives and you should be able to try for free at least one lesson before enrolling.

One final and general piece of advice: use the internet. Its sounds pretty obvious, but sometimes we forget that we can be potentially connected with thousands of people who tried what we want to do before us. Try typing on the search bar something like “things I wish I knew before starting a pilates course” and learn from other people’s mistakes. With the internet you can drink at the sources of collective intelligence for free: a bonus of living in 2019!

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